Every walker/runner needs a good pair of shoes, and everyone's feet are different. We at Trkač take our customers through a thorough fit process to find the pair of shoes that best fit your needs.

What to expect:

Expect to spend at least a 1/2 hour to get fit. Our staff is trained to fit shoes, and to get the right fit, it takes some time.

If you have been running, bring in an old pair of of running shoes; seeing what you've been using and how your shoes wear helps us.

Wear orthotics? Bring them!

If you have a certain sock you like to wear, bring that in as well. We do
have available a variety of thick and thin try-on socks to use while trying on

The fit process:

We'll start by watching you walk and have you do a few simple exercises that let us see how your feet function.

Once we determine what type of shoe you'll need, we'll refine our search by
evaluating your gait in each pair of shoes you try on.

You will be more than welcome to try on as many or as few pairs of shoes as
you would like. Fit and feel are very important, so we like to make
sure you try as many as you need to find the perfect pair.

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